Tyre Hotel


Storage 38€ + Wheel change(Set) 40€  

Total 78€

  • Storage of 4 winter/summer wheels between the driving seasons.
  • Removal of wheels, wheel wash, tyre inspection before wheel storage.
  • Fitting of wheels, tyre pressure adjustment.
  • Wheel nuts/bolts checked for tightness within 1 week or 50-100km  after wheel change.
  • Advice on tyre condition and replacement, see Autorengasliitos recommendations below.
  • TPMS programming where necessary. Special price of 10€ for hotel customers.
  • Secure storage with insurance.

 Finnish Autorengasliitos recommendations

  • Summer tyres the tread should not below the recommended 3-4mm.
  • Winter tyres the tread should not be below the recommended 5mm.
  • Excess amount (25% rule) of studs must not be missing.
  • Tyres have no cuts or damage
  • Seasonally used tyres should not be more than 5-6 yrs old due to tyre degradation.
  • Tyre life should not exceeded 10yrs from build date.
NOTE: Booking online is only available in Finnish or Swedish, should you wish to continue the booking, please choose option 1 or 2 after your vehicles registration on the booking pages.