Tyre Hotel


Storage 38€ + Wheel change(Set) 40€  

Total 78€

  • Storage of 4 winter/summer wheels between the driving seasons.
  • Removal of wheels, wheel wash, tyre inspection before wheel storage.
  • Fitting of wheels, tyre pressure adjustment.
  • Wheel nuts/bolts checked for tightness within 1 week or 50-100km  after wheel change.
  • Advice on tyre condition and replacement, see Autorengasliitos recommendations below.
  • TPMS programming where necessary. Special price of 10€ for hotel customers.
  • Secure storage with insurance.

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  1. Wheel change  (RengasCenter seasonal hotel customer)
  2. Wheel change  (Private customer own wheels)
  3. Tyres to be fitted (4) (RengasCenter purchased tyres)
  4. Tyres to be fitted (4) (Private customer own tyres.)
  5. Tyre repair.
  6. Wheel balancing set of 4 wheels.
  7. Tyre safety check, wear and pressures.

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 Translated terms for booking page,

  • Seuraava= next,
  • Muuta ajanvaraus= change booking,
  • Valitse = Select service
  • Edellinen = Previous page
  • Takaisin = Back

  Finnish Autorengasliitos recommendations

  • Summer tyres the tread should not below the recommended 3-4mm.
  • Winter tyres the tread should not be below the recommended 5mm.
  • Excess amount (25% rule) of studs must not be missing.
  • Tyres have no cuts or damage
  • Seasonally used tyres should not be more than 5-6 yrs old due to tyre degradation.
  • Tyre life should not exceeded 10yrs from build date.

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