Online Booking

Select one of the following service options 1-7

Add your selected option number to the booking screen. 

  1. Wheel change (RengasCenter seasonal hotel customer) 
  2. Wheel Change  (Private customer own wheels)
  3. Tyres to be fitted (4)  (RengasCenter purchased tyres)
  4.  Tyres to be fitted (4) (Private customer own tyres.)
  5. Tyre repair. 
  6. Wheel balancing set of 4 wheels.
  7. Tyre safety check, wear and pressures.  

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 Translated terms for booking page:

  • Seuraava= next,
  • Muuta ajanvaraus= change booking,
  • Valitse = Select service
  • Edellinen =Previous page
  • Takaisin = Back