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We are at your service during workdays from 8 to 17 hour. and on Saturdays from 10 to 13 hour.  (Opistokat 9, close to Fantoy )

Always remember to check the tightness of the wheelnuts, within one week or 50-100 km, after changing wheels. ( is included in the Hotell fee )

 RengasCenter Oy K. Lytz Ab is an establishment specialized in tires and rims for personal vehicles, SUVs and vans. We work with the best brands and have over 35 years experience in the field. RengasCenter K. Lytz Ab was founded in 1992 by Kaj Lytz. We have 2 to 6 employees, all of them tire fitters. Two of our salesmen have passed the Continental tyremaster exam.

Our personal, business and leasingcompany customers reside in and within the vicinity of Vaasa. With us you will receive smooth, personal and professional service. We speak Swedish, Finnish and English. You can keep your wheels in our tyrehotel. Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.


 If you belong to the CORONA, (COVID-19), riskgroup you can stay inside your car while we change your wheels.


With the RESURSBANK - RENGASCENTER-account you can buy now and get due date with 0€ interest up to 60days, without extra costs. Now, 01.03 - 15.05 2021 campain with due date in Augusty 2021 with no extra costs. (an application on the Finnish side or visit us and we tell you more). You can also do it yourself by sending a text message "rengascenter" to number 18311.


You can also find us on facebook ; .