Tyre Hotel

In our Tyre Hotel you can store your winter-/ summer wheels between the seasons.

For passenger car- wheels we charge 65€/ set/ season

For SUV- and Light truck-wheels we charge 75€/ set/ season

  • The set includes changing under the car, washing, checking the airpressure, the condition of the tires and an insurence ( if not your car's own insurence includes it )
  • Remember to check the tightness of the wheelnuts/-bolts within 100-200km after every time you have changed the wheels !
  • In case your tires need to be reneved, we will be in touch with you in good time before the season. All that the changing will go as smoothly as possible, minizing the time for waiting.
  • When you are about to change the tires you can contact us one or a couple of days in advance either directly, by phone (+358 500 567 189 ) or trough the net.